TONY HUSTLE - Lead Artist

How is art defined? Philadelphia’s own Tony Hustle believes that his craft frames a story in vibrant, bold ink. Being inked has swept the new generation and with no end in sight, everyone is in search of that new unique style. Tony Hustle, redefines rarity! He brings an identifiable perspective to the art world and his craft is in demand! His passion for his form is unmatched so competitors best adhere to this up and coming Emperor of the art world.

Anthony Kevin Raysor was born and raised in Philadelphia. His introduction into the art world was by his Uncle Stan, graffiti artist of the U.G.F crew of North Philadelphia (Underground Funk), this is where he first discovered his love for the pencil and paper. His unstable childhood made it impossible for him to really connect with anyone so the pain was reflected in his work which he constantly submerged himself in. He was soon surpassing his mentor studying new techniques, methods and being involved in any type of drawing he could discover. The dedication he displayed put him on the path to a more urban style that was definitely noticed by many of his teachers through his school career in Clara Barton Elementary, Roberto Clemente Middle School, and Martin Luther King High School.

Working many different jobs throughout his life, he never felt as though it was right for him; he would always fall back on his art. By this point, his skill had developed drastically and he wanted to find work in his field so he enrolled himself into the Art Institute of Philadelphia for graphic design, but was this the right move? He constantly confided in the people closest to him that school wasn’t enough and even though he was learning a lot, it still didn’t fill that void inside of him. He knew that his art was a representation of his story and he wanted to let others see his creativity.

With the revolutionary impact of social media, this was the perfect way to get his work out to the public. As his popularity grew the request for portraits, drawings for tattoos and his stylish designs grew substantially. He thought to himself why be the middleman? So he started to train himself on how to tattoo, the true definition of Self Made. He would practice on whoever he could find, mostly his brother Garry Coates now his business partner. With the impeccable skill of drawing, he was a natural at tattooing; his social media post drew the attention of Vicious Ink tattoo shop which recruited him immediately. After spending some time there, he chose to move on to Ill Skillz to finish his apprenticeship.

Now certified and licensed Tony Hustle has become a brand of his own. Associated with exclusive companies such as House of Talent PA which debuted him on Good Day Philadelphia, he has redefined himself as the up and coming. Tony Hustle has created his own company called Love Ur Ink and it is on its way to being the number one shop in Philadelphia. The number one message he wants his fans to know is; work harder and play hard later.


U.S Marine veteran Garry A. Coates is an entrepreneurial tactician. Growing up in Philadelphia with his brother Anthony Raysor aka Tony Hustle, he was just another young urban kid with his sights on an ambitious future. From selling candy in school, working multiple fast food jobs and being insightful he set goals for himself and would accomplish things that his peers couldn’t. This is what he says introduced him to entrepreneurship and once he got a taste he knew he wanted to run a business.

Struggling through his life never feeling a sense of belonging, he was advised by many of his coworkers to join the military for structure and adventure. Once he made his decision to join the United States Marine Corps he quickly found out that this would be a challenge that would mode him into something he had never imagined. Successfully and quickly climbing through the ranks of his platoon he was recognized as being exceptional and destined for greatness. With extensive training in operations, personnel management, leadership, and tactics he quickly found out that these skills could be used to his advantage outside the military. He contacted his brother Tony Hustle who was well on his way to being a promising tattoo artist and asked him would he want to open his own shop. The answer was Yes! and the journey began. Garry was now propelled into a business he knew nothing about but with the training, he had learned overcoming obstacles was very easy. Quickly Garry realized that his entire life he had been following the wrong career path and now he fully wanted to own his own business.

Now, he runs the operations of Love Ur Ink and with two motivated partners striving for the same goal, this business has the strongest foundation to succeed. Be on the lookout for this young rising entrepreneur!